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Holiday Tips for Non-Custodial Parents

Getting through the first year after a divorce or separation is not easy for anyone. This is particularly true when the holiday season rolls around. Whatever traditions your family observes, trying to perform them without the entire family present can be a very painful experience. While caring for children during a rough time is certainly challenging, being apart from your kids on a special occasion can be an equally difficult experience.

If you and your former spouse are experiencing any disagreements about custody arrangements, such as sharing time over the holidays, a knowledgeable Raleigh divorce lawyer can be a huge help. For informed advice about your legal options, call Marshall & Taylor PLLC at (919) 833-1040.

Surviving the Holidays

To make this difficult transition a little easier, you may want to:

  • Follow a schedule. Children need some sense of consistency, especially when they are going through a huge change like their parents’ divorce. If you cannot see your kids in person over the holidays, arrange to call them at a specific time and stick to it.
  • Distract yourself. The last thing you need is a day spent moping around your house. You are going to miss your kids, and there’s no way around that – but you do not have to dwell on the fact. Make plans to visit friends, indulge a hobby, or plan something else you would enjoy.
  • Stay healthy. It is nearly impossible to feel good emotionally when you are physically unwell, and it is also much harder to be the attentive parent your kids need. Eat well, exercise, and resist any temptation you may feel to abuse alcohol or other unhealthy habits.
  • Understand your rights. If you have any questions about custody arrangements or your rights as a parent, our experienced Raleigh child custody attorneys can help.

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