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Helping Kids with Shared Custody

When two parents decide to divorce, this is a momentous event in their lives. However, it is also a powerful time of upheaval in the lives of their children. After a divorce, parents, sometimes with the help of judges, must determine custody for the kids. While shared custody is a wonderful way for kids to grow up with both parents, it also requires special steps to make sure that the children’s lives are still as simple and carefree as possible.

An experienced lawyer can help you make your transition from marriage to divorce as smooth as possible, which can help your kids adapt to the great change in their lives. For help with dividing your assets as well as making a plan for shared child custody, you should contact a knowledgeable Raleigh child custody lawyer from the Marshall & Taylor PLLC today at 919-833-1040.

Making Shared Custody Easier

Parents are responsible for supporting their children even during the divorce process. One of these responsibilities is making the transition from families to single-parent lives as easy as possible. There some things that ex-spouses can do to make their shared custody easier, such as:

  • Maintaining civil, if not friendly, relations with each other
  • Avoiding negative talk about the ex-spouse in front of the children
  • Living in the same city, if not the same school district
  • Understanding that children may go through periods when they prefer the presence of one parent to the other, which should not be taken personally

Ex-spouses have many things to work out over the course of divorce, but they should always strive for the best for their children. For help with child custody, you should talk to a divorce lawyer immediately.

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Sometimes, estranged parents may need the help of a lawyer in order to settle child custody as easily and amicably as possible. This can make your split easier for your precious kids. To discuss your child custody case, contact a qualified Raleigh child custody attorney from the Marshall and Taylor Law Firm, P.C. at 919-833-1040 today.