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Guardian Legal Responsibilities

A legal guardian is an individual who has been appointed to temporarily or permanently care for a ward that is incapable of caring for him or herself. Guardianship most frequently involves appointing a guardian to a minor; that guardian will then be empowered to make important decisions on behalf of the minor. Sometimes, parents going through a divorce will need to seek guardianship of their children in order to protect them from an incapable or dangerous spouse.

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Guardians are tasked with making all legal decisions for an individual who is unable or unqualified to make such decisions, frequently a minor. Some examples of issues that a legal guardian might have to make a decision about include:

  • Medical care or treatment
  • Finances
  • Education
  • Purchase of necessities

In court, you will need to demonstrate that you are able and willing to provide the above services to the ward, and that there is a compelling reason why you should be granted that authority in lieu of another party.

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