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The Friendly Divorce

Honesty and civility with your spouse can go a long way in helping make the divorce process easier.
In every divorce, the two people involved will face multiple stressful situations surrounding legal
issues that must eventually be resolved. The longer it takes for the two people to come to agreements
and compromises, the longer the entire process will take, drawing out the divorce into an even more
stressful, emotional, and painful situation than it already may be.

However, if each person makes an attempt to remain calm and polite toward the other, the process may
be simplified and less emotionally straining. Common decency toward one another makes the divorce proceed
more quickly and smoothly, so that each person can more quickly get on with his or her life. Especially
if children are involved, it is important to remain civil throughout the divorce proceedings.

Children might already have a difficult time accepting the divorce and might already be upset, confused,
and angry. Two feuding parents won’t make this process any easier for the children. If each adult agrees
to remain approachable and open to communication, the less children are negatively affected.

Often, people in the midst of divorce receive opposite advice from friends and relatives. Well-meaning
loved ones, in an attempt to support the divorcee, tell him or her to refuse to cooperate with the other
person. Friends might encourage a person to take sides, to refuse compromises, and to make sure to “come
out on top.” Obviously this advice is well-intentioned: friends and relatives of course try to comfort
a loved one in a time of crisis. But, this advice is ultimately harmful to the entire process, and following
it may hurt both sides as small issues are drawn out into long conflicts.

If one person is uncooperative, it can make the whole process long, time-consuming, and can negatively
affect the well-being of other involved family members, especially children. No matter how angry, upset,
and emotional you are, it is important to remember that acting abrasive and uncooperative will just
make the process longer and more harmful to you and your well-being.

Even if your spouse refuses to cooperate, your attempts to stay calm and civil will help you in the
long run by making it easier to calmly discuss the issues with your legal adviser and may ultimately
help you throughout the divorce proceedings to get the settlement that you want. Make the divorce easier
on yourself and your family by attempting to maintain mutual polite respect with your spouse in order
to more efficiently finish the process so that everyone can move on with their lives.

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