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Forms of Abuse

Marriage is supposed to be a sacred bond between two partners who have mutual love and respect for each other. Unfortunately, abuse is too frequently an issue in marriage. In marriage, abuse occurs when one partner repeatedly engages in a pattern of abusive behavior towards the other in order to put themselves in a position of power over their spouse. A variety of different types of behavior may legitimately be considered marital abuse.

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Types of Marital Abuse

When most people consider abuse in a relationship, they think of violent physical behavior. While this is one of the most common forms of marital abuse, abuse can come in many forms, including:

  • Physical abuse – involves the use of violent or forceful physical acts to intimidate or otherwise harm a spouse or partner
  • Sexual abuse – use of force to obtain unwanted sexual activity
  • Psychological abuse – the use of psychological coercion, particularly humiliation, to control a spouse or partner
  • Financial abuse – restricting the financial independence of a spouse in order to exert control

These and other forms of spousal abuse are violations of the trust that a marriage is supposed to be based on.

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