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Enforcing Child Support from a Nonresident

Even if a parent leaves the state, North Carolina may still have jurisdiction over that person in order to recover child support payments. Child support is often a crucial resource in providing a healthy home for a child. A single, custodial parent faces many challenges without the help of another parent, without the help of a second parent. The financial assistance that they receive through court-ordered support invaluable to ensuring that a child maintains a healthy, happy life.

Enforcing child support orders can be a frustrating task if the noncustodial parent behaves in an evasive manner. But even if a parent has moved out of North Carolina, it may still be possible to compel payments. For more information concerning child support, contact the Raleigh child support lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, at 919-833-1040.

Out of State Jurisdiction

In order to protect their citizens, states may extend their jurisdiction to enforce different legal actions, including enforcing child support orders. The following are some important considerations pertaining to the state of North Carolina’s ability to enforce ordered payments beyond state boundaries:

  • A nonresident may be served for an action within the state of North Carolina
  • A nonresident submits to the jurisdiction of North Carolina by responding to an action
  • A nonresident who previously lived with the child in North Carolina may be sought
  • A nonresident who has made support payments in the state of North Carolina may be sought
  • The nonresident parent of a child who was conceived in the state of North Carolina may be pursued for support payments

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If your child’s other parent has moved out-of-state and you are struggling to recover the child support payments that you are due by court order, we may be able to help. Contact the Raleigh divorce lawyers at Marshall & Taylor PLLC, at 919-833-1040.