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Divorce Arbitration

A divorce can be a long and trying process. Sometimes, particular issues or subjects cannot be agreed upon by either spouse. Even though both parties just want to move on with their lives, neither wants to come to an unfair or non-beneficial agreement. If a divorce extends over a long period of time with no settlement because the couple cannot reach an agreement on a few key issues, arbitration might be the best choice.

Arbitration is the method often used when other methods, including litigation and mediation, have not resolved certain issues. An arbitrator is a neutral third party, usually a family attorney or a retired judge, although most people with experience in family law can serve as arbitrators. In many cases, couples present to the arbitrator one or a few particularly difficult issues that are keeping the divorce process from being finalized. The arbitrator acts as a judge and will make a decision to end the dispute that is legally binding. This settles the disagreement so that the divorce process can be finalized and both parties can move on with their lives.

One potential disadvantage of arbitration is that the decision that the arbitrator makes cannot be appealed by either party. Therefore, it is important to choose a fair, experienced, and qualified arbitrator to help you finalize your divorce.

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