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Divorce and Health Insurance

After a divorce, both ex-spouses face multiple changes in their lives– some welcomed, and some not. If the spouses had been covered on a joint health insurance plan, one spouse may find himself or herself without insurance coverage. Fortunately, there are different actions to take to ensure that your medical needs are met.

Health Insurance Options after Divorce

It is important to evaluate your future health insurance options when considering a divorce. After a divorce, you may opt to:

  • Continue receiving temporary coverage on your ex-spouse’s policy. Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation (COBRA) Act, you may be able to continue receiving benefits from your spouse’s employer for up to three years or until you get remarried or obtain your own policy. Unfortunately, the premiums and fees for COBRA coverage are often too high to make this a viable option.
  • Get coverage from your current employer. If you are currently employed, you are probably able to receive health insurance from your own employer. Check what options are available
  • Purchase an individual plan. Insurance providers offer many different options to individuals and single parents. Shop around between different providers to find the best rate.
  • Ask for health insurance coverage in your divorce settlement. Especially if you have children, health insurance coverage may be available as part of your child custody agreement or overall settlement. You may also be able to obtain compensation to cover a portion of your new health insurance premiums each month. With the help of a Raleigh divorce attorney, you may be able to negotiate this type of settlement.

Adjusting to the personal and financial changes that divorce brings can be difficult. However, with consistent and knowledgeable assistance, you can make this transitional period a little easier.

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