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Considering Legal Separation

Some couples decide to go through a legal separation rather than a divorce. The splitting couple forms
a document that addresses and resolves several different issues that arise when the two people separate.
A legal separation is a written document that the couple files which outlines each person’s responsibilities
and rights while living separately.

A legal separation agreement outlines:

  • Division of debts and assets
  • Child support and child custody
  • Visitation schedules
  • Alimony
  • Other Issues

A legal separation can protect each person in the event of an actual divorce by outlining an agreement
between the couple. However, the separation agreement can also be used to negotiate future divorce proceedings,
so neither person should settle for any unsuitable arrangements.

For example, if a couple gets separated and then takes their divorce case to court, the judge would
most likely assume that any agreement reached in the legal separation document would be applicable to
the divorce arrangement. Therefore, each person should make sure that the agreements reached in the
separation are suitable for the long-term benefit of each party. Therefore, it is important to have
a lawyer look over the separation agreement and discuss its ramifications and how it could be interpreted
in the future.

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