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Benefits of Legal Separation

A legal separation involves a written agreement in which a couple outlines the rights and responsibilities
of each party while living apart. In many ways, a separation is a lot like a divorce. So why would a
couple choose to go through a separation instead?

A legal separation can be a smart alternative to an immediate divorce. However, the legal implications
of this type of agreement are best reached with assistance from a knowledgeable lawyer. To talk about
your marital situation with a qualified and caring attorney, call the Raleigh legal separation lawyers
of Marshall & Taylor PLLC at (919) 833-1040.

There are many advantages to a legal separation rather than a divorce, including:

  • Time to consider divorceA separation gives a couple time living apart to decide if divorce is the right choice.
  • Religious reasonsSome religions do not allow divorce.
  • Financial reasonsSome debts or assets gained during a separation may be considered separate property.
  • Insurance reasonsSome policies retain spousal benefits for separated couples.
  • Social security benefitsSome social security benefits come into effect after ten years of legal marriage.
  • Tax benefitsContinuing to file joint taxes may result in benefits.

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If you are considering a split from your spouse, you might want to consider a separation rather than
a divorce. For any questions you have regarding the implications of a separation, or any other divorce-related
issues, do not hesitate to contact the Raleigh separation attorneys of Marshall & Taylor PLLC Our qualified
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