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Announcing the Divorce to your Children

For many divorcing parents, one of the most difficult tasks they face is telling their children about the upcoming changes in their lives. It is always challenging to deliver bad news, especially to your own children. Many parents worry about how their kids will respond, and may even feel guilty about creating this situation for them.

If you are planning a divorce and have concerns about your children, one important thing to remember is that it is not your fault. It can actually be much healthier for children to live with divorced parents than unhappily married ones. This article will cover some advice about making this tough announcement to kids; for important legal information, call the Raleigh divorce lawyers of Marshall & Taylor PLLC

Before the Announcement

Ideally, you and your spouse should both be present when announcing your upcoming divorce. Your children will probably have questions for both of you, and would certainly appreciate reassurance from both of their parents. Before the family discussion begins, you and your spouse need to privately discuss:

  • What you will tell the kids. Honesty is good, but there are certain details your children do not need to know. Do not put the blame on either parent, and avoid discussing adult matters like financial troubles or affairs.
  • Your post-divorce arrangements. Your kids will probably have lots of questions about living arrangements, daily routines, holidays, and so on. It is good to have answers to these questions beforehand if you can.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you break the news to your family, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Your children will probably need lots of reassurance that both parents still love them, the divorce is not their fault, and they will not have to choose between their parents. Remember, you may have a lot of negative feelings towards your spouse, but your children still love him or her very much.

Your children may react with shock, fear, anger, sorrow, or a full array of emotions. Whatever they are feeling, let them know that it is okay. They need a lot of patience and support right now. Try not to pressure them into “putting on a brave face” or hiding their emotions.

Contact a Raleigh Divorce Attorney

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