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Alienation of Affection Restrictions

Alienation of affection is a civil action that can be brought against any individual who caused or contributed to the loss of affection between two partners who were previously married and in love. Depending on the circumstances, alienation of affection claims may result in the aggrieved spouse receiving large settlements for their pain and suffering. However, North Carolina’s alienation of affection laws have recently been updated to make these types of claim more difficult to bring forward.

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Changes to Alienation of Affection Laws

In 2009, the North Carolina legislature passed laws limiting the scope of alienation of affection laws. Among other things, the changes included:

  • Alienation of affection can no longer include acts committed during separation between spouses.
  • A three year statute of limitations was placed on alienation of affection claims.
  • Alienation of affection claims can only be brought against a natural person.

These restrictions have made alienation of affection claims somewhat more difficult to bring forward.

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