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Alcohol and Domestic Violence

For most people, alcohol works as a relaxant. It increases the effects of the inhibitory signaling in your brain, making you feel mellow and slightly slower than normal. However, some people react to alcohol in a completely different manner. This substance can make them feel angry and depressed, which may increase their risk of lashing out at someone they love.

If your spouse becomes angry after drinking, this may make your spouse more likely to hurt you. This is unacceptable, and it can place your well-being-and even your life-in grave danger. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you may need an attorney to step in and help legally separate you from your abusive spouse. To discuss your case, contact a Raleigh domestic violence lawyer from the Marshall & Taylor PLLC, today at 919-833-1040.

Does Alcohol Cause Spousal Abuse?

There have been studies showing a correlation between higher alcohol consumption rates and more instances of spousal abuse, even when the abuser is sober. Indeed, alcohol slows down neural processing, which makes it difficult for people to think clearly and rationally. Perhaps, then, alcohol makes it hard for a person to consider the consequences of their actions if they become angry at their spouse.

On the other hand, some researchers claim that this correlation is nothing more than a coincidence. They instead say that abusers use alcohol-fueled rage as an excuse for abuse, or that alcoholism and spousal abuse are two separate social problems that tend to overlap. Sometimes, alcoholism can be used as proof of a reckless, irresponsible spouse if you are trying to show that you are a victim of domestic violence.

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Whether there is an actual link between domestic violence and alcoholism or not, spousal abuse is always unacceptable. If you have suffered at the hands of your spouse, you may be too frightened to escape. However, a domestic violence attorney can help you get the legal protection you need. Contact an experienced Raleigh domestic violence attorney from the Marshall & Taylor PLLC at 919-833-1040 today to learn more about your options.