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Adopting a Foster Child

Thousands of children are in each state’s foster care system, waiting for a family to adopt them into a permanent home. Foster children can be adopted through the Department of Social Services or through a non-profit adoption agency. Unlike other types of adoption, in North Carolina there is no cost to adopt a child who is in foster care. The main requirement is that you are able to provide a loving, nurturing environment for your child. An adoption agency or social worker will happily work with you to help you meet other adoption requirements.

Process of Adoption from Foster Care

In order to adopt a child from the North Carolina foster care system, prospective parents should take the following steps:

  • Learn about foster care, foster children, and the adoption process.
  • Choose an adoption agency.
  • Submit an application for adoption.
  • Partake in a home study, or a pre-placement assessment.
  • Work with a social worker to find the right child for your family.
  • Visit with the child you plan to adopt.
  • Bring your child into your home.
  • Legalize the adoption through court with the help of an experienced Raleigh adoption attorney.

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