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4 Facts about Alimony in North Carolina

Alimony is the legal term for financial support provided by one spouse to another during or after a divorce. If a court determines that one spouse in a marriage is dependent on the income or support of the other, it may choose to award alimony to the dependent spouse. Therefore, it is important that those who are considering divorce in North Carolina understand the following facts about alimony:

  1. There are two types of alimony: post-separation support and permanent alimony. Post-separation support may be paid while the final alimony amount is determined, whereas permanent alimony is paid after the termination of the marriage.
  2. Marital misconduct, as defined by North Carolina law, can significantly affect alimony payments. If the dependent spouse has committed marital misconduct, they may be denied alimony, whereas if the supporting spouse has committed marital misconduct, it may be more likely that they will be required to provide spousal support.
  3. Illicit sexual behavior, which is distinct from marital misconduct, is grounds for denying a dependent spouse any amount of alimony payments.
  4. Alimony payments are considered taxable income for the dependent spouse and deductible for the supporting spouse.

These and other important facts about alimony in North Carolina should be carefully considered by anyone pursuing a divorce.

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