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Apex Divorce Lawyers and Attorneys

Jeffrey Marshall and Travis Taylor are top family law and divorce lawyers who continue to handle many divorce cases in Apex. These attorneys provide their assistance and expertise in all areas of divorce and family law in Apex and its surrounding areas. The lawyers at Marshall & Taylor are here to support you and help ease the stresses of your divorce.

Divorce, or the legal breakup of a marriage, affects almost half of the United States population. A divorce can be very stressful, and is often traumatic. Divorce affects many areas of ones life, and often calls for help. The attorneys at Marshall & Taylor are able to provide their professional advice in order to make your divorce as hassle-free as possible.

North Carolina’s town of Apex is located in Wake County and is surrounded by Cary and Raleigh, both of which are also served by the attorneys at Marshall & Taylor. Apex residents know of their town as “The Peak of Good Living,” as it is named for being the most elevated area on the Chatham Rail Line. The Apex population has grown from 20,000 in 2000 to nearly 32,000 in 2007, and is expected to double within the next decade.

Apex remained a relatively small town until the addition of Research Triangle Park in the 1950’s. Although recent growth in Apex has forced it to alter its infrastructure, Apex still carries its small-town nature and pride. There still exist several historic homes in Apex, with the more recent addition of contemporary neighborhoods and communities.

Most residents of Apex communities are married adults living together with children under the age of 18. However, divorce is becoming more common by the day. In a divorce, it is important to find an attorney or lawyer that you trust. The attorneys at Marshall & Taylor will be there for you.