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Raleigh Alimony Lawyers

In many marriages, one spouse relies on the other’s income to survive. It could be because he or she manages the home full time, or because he or she has a condition that prevents him or her from earning a substantial salary. Whether the dependent spouse is male or female, he or she may be entitled to alimony after a divorce or separation.

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How We Can Help

Our dedicated Raleigh alimony attorneys can answer any questions you may have about:

We can also help you build a strong legal case, whether you are trying to receive alimony or facing unfair demands from a former spouse. The laws regulating alimony are very complex, making it hard to protect your rights and understand your obligations without legal assistance.

How an Alimony Settlement Works

A claim for alimony needs to be filed before an absolute divorce is granted. It can be settled out of court or ruled upon by a judge. To receive alimony payments, a dependent spouse needs to show that:

  • A legally valid marriage exists between the parties
  • He or she is the dependant spouse
  • His or her spouse supports him or her

The judge will consider many factors, such as the supporting spouse’s income and the dependent spouse’s needs. If he decides that it is fair for the dependent spouse to receive alimony, he or she may give the option of paying the amount owed in one lump sum. More often, however, alimony is paid in regular amounts once a month.

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