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What Are The Legal Implications of Adoption?

Adoption is a monumental step in the life of both the adoptee and the adopting family. But beyond these joys, it is important to remember that an adoption also has legal implications that should be fully understood by the adoptive family. It is highly advisable for a family that is considering adoption to consult with a experienced adoption attorney to discuss how adoption affects the legal status of the adoptee.

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What Is an Adoptee’s Status?

When a person is adopted in the state of North Carolina, the adoptive parents become their legal parents, responsible for them in every way. Also, with the legal decree of adoption, there is a complete substitution of legal family. The adoptive parents take complete legal and practical responsibility of the child and the biological parent no longer has any legal obligations. This is also true if a child is being adopted from another adoptive family.

The one exception to this status regards the legal obligations of the former parents to make past-due payment of child support at the time of the decree of adoption. Also, biological grandparents are awarded the right to visit any minor who has been adopted by another family. Visitation rights are not severed for grandparents, only legal duties of the biological or former adoptive parents.

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